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Mr J Thomas Entrepreneur and Innovator based in Sydney

Mr J Thomas manages and does research in Sydney’s northwest. If you are looking for opinions about what could or should be done about a medical concern, or on where to find great healthcare and professional treatment, schedule an appointment today.

Our Practice

Our Practice

Our deep love and method of producing quality results, as well as our point of view towards medical education, invention of new tools, methods, and improvement, coupled with our approvals from multiple institutions, allows us to offer the most effective help for our community make better health care choices.
Mr Jawahar Thomas’ team use new and interesting education solutions designed to increase the chance of early detection in order to accomplish the best healthy living practices. Early detection is an extremely important part of gaining best treatment results for many sicknesses.
We provide fully complete and thorough travel health advice regarding about what could be done in order to help you prepare for any international trips you may have planned. It is always important that you talk to your GP at least 6 weeks before your departure. We are perpetually in the loop with up-to-date knowledge and the latest travel-related disease information. As a result, we can give the best possible information on the best vaccination plan for you and your loved ones relative to the countries and areas you’ll be visiting on your trip.
Mr Thomas is has travelled far and has seen firsthand the complete and total suffering and destruction caused by common sicknesses in communities that don’t have access to medicine. Travel vaccinations are a very important part of the preparation of your travels. Understanding that local, area-particular conditions like rabies and other non-universal factors such as water quality, and cleaning standards for example, are very real and can be terrible and destructive for those poorly-prepared to face them. Thankfully, we are only too happy to help you get properly medically arranged that will help you maintain your day-to-day and long-term health while across the ocean.


Mr Jawahar Thomas


Mr Thomas was born in India in 1964. He graduated medicine in India in 1988, before registering as a medical professional in Australia in the year 2000. Through 2000-2007 he practised medicine in Australia’s outback in New South Wales, South Australia, and the Northern Territory. In 2007 he moved to the Windsor Family Practice in New South Wales and bought it soon after. He went on to eventually run four practices throughout city-based Sydney, before moving on to start his own small-business starting through new and interesting MEKSI Medical Knowledge Simulator. In addition to having been a general practitioner in Sydney, Jawahar Thomas is now a small business starter and an inventor. He has experience from having managed four medical centres and continues to create something new in the medical education part/area with his patented Medical Knowledge Simulator otherwise known as MEKSI.

Contact US

Contact US


If you are looking for a medical small business starter in Sydney with years of experience in long-lasting disease management, and an overall affinity for new and interesting technology in the medical education field, feel free to give Jawahar Thomas a call on (02) 8824 4777.

Mr Jawahar Thomas

Mr Jawahar Thomas is an inventor committed to providing excellent advice an innovation.

Mr Thomas graduated from college in one of India’s most prestigious educational institutions. He has seen how technology can be used to boost the general standard of education and training in the medicine field.

Mr Thomas has observed the shift from traditional to post-internet education and training delivery. He has made a significant contribution to the development of medical professionals by creating a software training platform for general practitioners to hone their consulting, diagnosis and note-taking skills.

Mr Thomas’s passion for technology as a channel to improving lives, and in particular in improving patient well-being, has led to him working extensively in the preventative health field.

Mr Thomas is an active advocate for preventative health checks and a promoter of public health strategies such as regular screening checks.

Barriers to good health practices in everyday life include poor food choices, stress, and lack of physical movement.

womens health

Mr Jawahar Thomas on Women’s health

Women’s exclusive physiology are best understood in the big picture of their social and cultural surrounding conditions. Managing women’s health in a manner concerned with whole, taking into account their beliefs, their families, their relationships, and their family planning wishes. Even though 57% of Australian general practice discussions are with women, many women don’t begin or take part in preventative health checks. This is often referred to as being due to the challenge of finding and building an on-going relationship with a female GP.
Mr Thomas’s view is that medical clinics should have female GP’s that are available to discuss your health needs and begin/try preventative health testing with you.
Our (opinions about what could or should be done about a situation) to medical professionals is to treat each patient with sensitivity, respect and (ability to make wise decisions).
Each of our medical clinics have female general (professionals or skilled people) who are available to discuss your women’s health needs. We can organise regular GP visits to watch (for changes, unusual things, etc.) your health and wellbeing. To learn more about family planning and our other services, get in touch.

Mr Jawahar Thomas on Men’s health

Mr. Thomas and his team are emotionally driven to improving medical education as the best way to address men’s clearly stated/particular health issues. At the personal level we encourage men to look for medical opinions about what could or should be done about a given situation earlier and more regularly than is their usual custom. We encourage men to put into use healthy living practices and to get more active. Mr Thomas is also working at an international-wide level to increase knowledge about identifying and preventing men’s health issues such as the effect of being very overweight on men’s health.
Australian men are still falling behind women in how long a person is expected to live. Some of the major contributors to early or too soon death in males are mostly preventable. Heart disease, lung cancer, suicide and automobile-related accidents are the biggest causes of early death in males.
Some of the services that respected medical professionals should be providing and encouraging their male patients to actively access: genital exams, blood pressure checks, and general fitness tests/evaluations. These types of preventative health checks and examinations can have significant benefits on the treatment result when caught early.

Mr Jawahar Thomas on Children’s Health

Good medical practice is patient-centred. It is especially important to work to establish a good relationship and trust with children.
Mr Thomas and his team are committed to making sure doctors help to grow happy, safe relationships with their young patients and will work with the parent/caregiver to improve the child’s health. It’s important to look after all health needs through every stage of childhood development including:
– Newborn health check-ups
– Childhood preventative procedures
– Advice and treatment of any issues and concerns at any stage of development from common childhood sicknesses through to teen issues such as acne and mental health care.

General Fitness and Tests/evaluations for Male Patients

The problem with not regularly seeing a GP is that there are a range of other health issues that can be managed or prevented if detected early.
Mr J Thomas understands that it can sometimes be harrowing to discuss private or very personal men’s health issues, which is why providing a judgement-free space where you can discuss your personal issues in confidence is most important to a successful practise. Also making sure to check blood pressure, general fitness and organise genital tests while putting the patient at ease.

General Health

Regular health check-ups for men and women are important. The sooner an issue is identified, the better prepared an individual can be with finding a solution. Everyone is an individual, and in no sense is this truer than in the human body. While we all possess the same bodily systems, namely, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, etc. Some matters of our body structure are different. These differences can come from previous medical concerns, gender, age, circumstances, regular medicine, long-lasting sicknesses, mental illness, hormonal imbalances, chemical imbalances, conditions from birth, and daily habits.

It is important that you see a general practitioner regularly so that they can develop a good relationship with you, allowing them to gain an in-depth understanding of your body, what is or isn’t common and regular for your particular case, and custom-design their treatment as needed – or direct you to a specialist should their experience consider their ability to treat a particular issue as not enough. Any out-of-the-ordinary body-structure-related conditions should be closely watched and checked with your general practioner as soon as possible.

Child Health

Travel Medicine

We offer complete and thorough advice on travel health and vaccinations to make sure that you are prepared for across-the-ocean trips. In a perfect world, you talk to a doctor at least 6-8 weeks before leaving the country.

Are you up-to-date with your immunisations? We offer total complete and thorough travel health information in order to make sure that you are prepared for across-the-ocean trips of any length.

Many countries have sicknesses that we don’t have in Australia. Our clinics have access to the important medical information relating to each country. If you’re planning an across-the-ocean trip, it is most important that you see your GP and have them advise you on what sicknesses are common where you’ll be going and receive the appropriate vaccines for those countries and areas.

There is also lots of information looking at regulation sanitation laws in different countries. This leads to different health standards concerning food and drink. Your doctor will be able to tell you what to avoid while you’re across the ocean, as well as whether you should or shouldn’t eat certain kinds of foods, visit certain states or attractions, and more.

Long-lasting Health and Disease Management

We can educate and offer advice on preventative options for diabetes, respiratory diseases, mental health and other chronic sicknesses. Jawahar Thomas has an interest in long-lasting disease management.

A “Chronic” illness or disease is any constant sickness whether physical or mental, that needs/demands recurring treatment and check-ups. These sicknesses are often not life-threatening and can be managed with proper treatment and medicine. However, some do really affect quality of life and is extreme cases can affect how long a person is expected to live. Some long-lasting sicknesses or sicknesses can be cured with surgery, while others unfortunately ill provide a life long struggle. Research is being done every day into these sicknesses, and developments are constantly being worked towards. Jawahar Thomas keeps informed of all the latest information, and his clinics always have the benefit of the most up to date, scientific methods for treating a range of long-lasting illness.

Children’s Healthcare

Our team can discuss general health as well as advise the best healthcare professional that can provide you with treatment plans to manage breathing disease, diabetes, obesity and other medical issues that affect youth.

Childhood should be a wonderous time in any person’s life. However, a long-lasting medical illness or extreme accident sustained during a child’s life can seriously harm/interfere with quality of life through childhood and through adulthood. We are sensitive to the needs of children at Jawahar Thomas’ clinic, and always to our extreme to make sure that a child’s visit is comfortable, feels safe, and gets them the best treatment possible. Children can sometimes feel threatened or scared by doctors’ offices. They’re big rooms full of adults that know more than they do, there is often a feeling of pressure to describe feelings and feelings that may be hard for a child to accurately define depending on their age and vocabulary range. And the possible discomfort of some medical examination procedures. We do everything we can to make sure that your child feels at ease with us, and that you are there for every single step of our medical examination, that way the child feels like there is a sense of support and trust. Also, if we need anything your child says to be cleared up or more clearly stated, we have full confidence that you as their parent or legal guardian will be able to provide this explanation. After all, who knows a child better than their parent?

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