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Mr J Thomas Entrepreneur and Innovator based in Sydney

Mr J Thomas currently conducts research in Sydney’s northwest. If you are looking for advice on where to find great healthcare and professional treatment, schedule an appointment today.

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Mr Jawahar Thomas


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Mr Jawahar Thomas

Mr Jawahar Thomas is an inventor committed to providing excellent advice an innovation.

Mr Thomas graduated from college in one of India’s most prestigious educational institutions. He has seen how technology can be used to boost the general standard of education and training in the medicine field.

Mr Thomas has observed the shift from traditional to post-internet education and training delivery. He has made a significant contribution to the development of medical professionals by creating a software training platform for general practitioners to hone their consulting, diagnosis and note-taking skills.

Mr Thomas’s passion for technology as a channel to improving lives, and in particular in improving patient well-being, has led to him working extensively in the preventative health field.

Mr Thomas is an active advocate for preventative health checks and a promoter of public health strategies such as regular screening checks.

Barriers to good health practices in everyday life include poor food choices, stress, and lack of physical movement.

Mr Jawahar Thomas on Women’s health

Women’s unique health needs are best understood in the context of their social and cultural environment. Managing women’s health in a holistic way considers their families, their relationships and their family planning aspirations. Even though 57% of Australian general practice consultations are with women, many women don’t undertake preventative health checks. This is often cited as being due to the challenge of finding and building an on-going relationship with a female GP.

Mr Thomas’s view is that medical clinics should have female GP’s that are available to discuss your health needs and undertake preventative health testing with you.

Our advice to medical professionals is to treat each patient with sensitivity, respect and discretion.

Mr Jawahar Thomas on Men’s health

Mr. Thomas and his team are passionate about promoting education as the best way to address men’s specific health issues. At the personal level we encourage men to seek medical advice earlier and more regularly than is their usual custom. We encourage men to adopt healthy living practices and to get more active. Mr Thomas is also working at society-wide level to increase awareness about identifying and preventing men’s health issues such as the impact of obesity on men’s health.

Australian men are still lagging behind women in life expectancy. Some of the major contributors to premature death in males are largely preventable. Heart disease, lung cancer, suicide and transport accidents are the biggest causes of premature death in males.

Some of the services that respected medical professionals should be providing and encouraging their male patients to actively access: prostate exams, blood pressure checks, and general fitness assessments. These types of preventative interventions and examinations can have significant benefits on the treatment outcome when caught early.

Mr Jawahar Thomas on Children

Good medical practice is patient-centred. It is particularly important to work to establish a rapport and trust with children.

Mr Thomas and his team are committed to ensuring doctors cultivate happy, safe relationships with their young patients and will work with the parent/caregiver to promote the child’s health. It’s important to look after all health needs through every stage of childhood development including:

– Newborn health check-ups

– Childhood immunisations

– Advice and treatment of any issues and concerns at any stage of childhood development from general childhood illnesses through to adolescent issues such as acne and mental health care.

Women’s Health

Each of our medical clinics have female general practitioners who are available to discuss your women’s health needs. We can organise regular GP visits to monitor your health and wellbeing. To learn more about family planning and our other services, get in touch

General Fitness and Assessments for Male Patients

Did you know that many patients only visit medical practices in Sydney when they are physically ill or need urgent treatment? The problem with not regularly seeing a GP is that there are a range of other health issues that can be managed or prevented if detected early.

Mr J Thomas understands that it can sometimes be a confronting experience to discuss private or very personal men’s health issues, which is why providing a judgement-free space where you can discuss your personal issues in confidence is paramount to a successful practise. Also making sure to check check blood pressure, general fitness and organise prostate screenings regardless of the patient’s reason for visiting.

womens health
Child Health

Travel Medicine

We offer comprehensive advise on travel health and vaccinations to ensure that you are prepared for overseas trips. Ideally, you consult with a doctor at least 6-8 weeks prior to leaving the country. Stay up-to-date with your immunisations today.

Chronic Health and Disease Management

We can educate and offer informative advice and preventative options for diabetes, asthma, mental health and other ailments. Mr J Thomas has a specialist interest in chronic disease management.

Children Healthcare

We can discuss general health as well as treatment plans to manage asthma, diabetes, obesity and other medical issues that affect youth.

A Message from our CEO
Mr. J Thomas Blog
Cost-effective healthcare is important for local communities. Basic health advice and medical treatment should be available to everyone. In an ideal world, finance should not be a barrier to receiving the care you need to take care of yourself
Jawahar Thomas
Have you been diagnosed with asthma? It’s a debilitating disease that frequently causes coughing fits, the feeling of a tight chest, shortness of breath and can more depending on you and your general health.
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Do you wait until your car is falling apart and making funny noises before you take it to your local mechanic for a fix? Generally, as soon as a vehicle shows any signs of excessive wear or indications of a mechanical or engine fault, we try to get it checked as soon as possible.
Jawahar Thomas
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