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Meet Mr J Thomas— Inventor, innovator and community advocate

Mr J Thomas is a profession that is easy to communicate with and strives for excellent attention to detail. He is known for providing professional advice and care via a logical sequence of decision. While his methods are meticulous, he always takes the time to ensure that his dialogue is informative and empowered he is leaving individuals with the knowledge they need to manage or treat their medical issues.

Practising in an advanced country like Australia gives family physicians access to sophisticated diagnostic facilities and cross-referrals via multiple specialities. Mr J Thomas graduated from college in one of the most prestigious educational institutions in India and knows first-hand not to take modern medicine for granted. He assisted with relief efforts during the Latur earthquake and years later worked in remote areas of Northern Australia where resources were limited and access to state-of-the-art medical equipment was scarce.

Mr J Thomas has since settled down in Sydney where he enjoys the occasional walk, going for jogs on the treadmill and playing a weekly game of tennis. Every year, Mr J Thomas and his spouse travel to India to visit family and friends.

DR Thomas

Dreamer and Innovator

Mr J Thomas has worked on medical applications that are designed to progress modern education. MEKSI, or Medical Knowledge Simulator, uses interactive computer screens to help students roleplay a hypothetical consultation with a patient.

Community Advocate

Mr J Thomas’ late father was an officer of the Indian Air Force; he taught the doctor from an early age to ‘share what we receive’. There will be a MEKSI adaptation which will be given free of cost to community physicians practising in remote areas of India. This will empower these doctors to treat their patients who are economically disadvantaged with poor access to healthcare systems.

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